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Man I was trying to enter a football match again after literally 12 decades or so of not playing. I was raised playing Madden nfl 21 coins with my step daddy a day.nd even learned to love franchise style (even if its something I didnt fully understand as a kid ). I saw all the complaints here and folks getting upset but I figured I'd give it a private shot since ive been from this soccer game world for so long. . As a casual its pretty sad, the game just doesnt feel right whatsoever. Keep in mind like I said im a casual who had been actually going to fork out the 60 bucks or so so that I could play with the soccer game. Thank goodness for for that EA play thing, saved me 55 bucks or so. . I dont believe I could ever get this game tbh unless they change a good deal of things regarding it. Ill complete my 10 hour trail and call it a day. Just sucks since I was really sold on the match just for the pleasure of playing with a soccer game and they really messed up. .

I instantly regret my purchase. However, its literally a demonstration update together with the yard. This could be the smallest improvement ever, its almost literally the same. I think I will wait to find out if how it will appear about the next gen, appearing at gameplay I am not impressed it resembles the exact same thing just a different scoreboard I've invested a great deal of time into MUT the last 2 decades just for individuals with Buy Madden 21 coins greater teams to conquer more individuals who have broken the game and operate the very same defenses and offensive plays just don't feel like doing it hoping the next gen is better or at least graphically pleasing, I do not understand how madden as not upgraded the crowd ever it looks lints it's out of a ps2 game lol.