It Feels Like There'S An Evident Trend

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Though atm with OSRS gold the launch of this milestone capes and capes of achievement, skillcapes being more common they arn't that special anymore short of a level 3 accounts with something like 99 slayer, skillcapes are worn when skilling- although even some skills demand wearing better capes (ardougne cape for zmi/thieving ect) and people are looked down upon for wearing these capes while slaying.

I do not usually post items about Runescape anymore

Do you believe that it is unfair for players who have auras to really have an advantage over people without auras in dangerous PvP? As far as I know, all of the battle auras except those specifically indicated as not working in PvP (sharpshooter, knockout, runic accuracy, friend in need) could actually be utilised in dangerous PvP. Consider the following listing: Poison Purge - will heal you for 68s, or 168s in case you visited Zammy GWD. Inspiration - restores spec quicker. Vampirism - 5% recovery off harm achieved, stacks with spirit divide. Dark Magic - chance of slightly more harm with mage Ancestor spirits - change of an extra vengeance impact (not confirmed) Aegis - 10% damage reduction, heaps with soak/divine/ely

I do not usually post items about Cheap RS gold anymore, however I'd like to bring up something from my expertise in RS for a participant and pker I've noticed that in comparison to regular gamers pkers bot a whole lot more frequently. I've a good deal of expertise in pking, also I have noticed that a lot of people seem to have botted from real evidence while I had been training to very suspicious levels they acquired (99 str 20 att as a rather large illustration, 90-99 in skills on level 40-60 accounts too ) With this fantastic amount of botters who are pkers, it feels like there's an obvious trend.